Our Approach

You were meant to belong, so welcome home!

Our vision is to reach and restore our community with the love, acceptance and forgiveness of Jesus. Release hope by equipping people to know their identity and destiny in Christ.

Our Story

Our Pastors

Pastors John and  Rhonda Cabello are the Lead Pastors of New Hope Lihue. Before Pastoring full-time both Pastors John and Rhonda were the associate pastors while teaching at our local public schools. They have owned and operated a successful Montessori preschool and  JC’s Puerto Rican Kitchen  and have used their businesses to give back to the community, especially in support of teachers, students and staff.  From coaching T-Ball to volunteering in support of their children’s sports events and theater both Pastors John and Rhonda believe in our community.    The heart and vision of their ministry is to reach, restore and release people to their fullest potential with love, acceptance, forgiveness and hope.